Palace Building Material Trading

PALACE BUILDING MATERIAL TRADING (PBM) has built a hard earned reputation as preferred supplier of various Building Material Products & Construction Services across the UAE. PBM is situated at old Seniya, Umm Al-Quwain, providing various types of concrete products like Masonry blocks, paving blocks, Kerbstone, Mosaic Tiles, Roof Tiles, Air Conditioners, Aggregate Transport and many other products with high quality and competitive prices. It is a professional integrated company in developing manufacturing, selling and providing services. In the production process we adopt Total Quality Control (TQC) & strive to meet the international & national quality standards


To be the region’s leading provider of quality material and quality construction services in the Middle East.


Our mission is to continue to be a successful and well diversified Group operating throughout the Middle East. We will continue our commitment and drive to build fair and true relationship with our customers, based on integrity and trust.


Our success is built upon a strong and distinct set of values running through all our diverse business activities.

We will always:

* Focus on quality and innovation.
* Be passionate about our customers, employees, and the wider community within which we work.
* Honor our commitments.
* Conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way.


Wide variety of shapes and sizes of interlocks produced in different colors and sizes:
Uni, Rectangular, Octagonal, Quadro, Cube, Bishop, Square, Behaton, Tristone,  Rhombus,  Florendo,  Uricorn Lite

Stones of different sizes and colors made on Hydraulic press with high compressive strength satisfying BS  
Kerbstone Half Batter, Kerbstone Flush, Kerbstone Bull Nose, and Cut Piece


Hollow Blocks, Solid Blocks and Thermo Blocks are manufactured in different sizes.